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My story

I have always been an active person, with a love for sports and physical challenges that traces back to my childhood. For a considerable time, engaging in physical activity served as a means of enjoyment and a way to maintain my health. As my fascination with human physiology deepened, I pursued a degree in Sport Science at the University. It wasn’t until I turned 24 that I adorned my first bib number, stepping into the world of competition and igniting an insatiable desire to enhance my speed every day.

It’s not the competition itself, but the process of training and development that truly captivates me, fueling an ever-growing passion and an insatiable hunger to train more rigorously. Utilizing my newfound knowledge, I incorporated various insights from my university studies into optimizing my training program, yielding impressive results swiftly. Unexpectedly, at the close of 2019, I was approached by a cycling team director, leading to two years of riding alongside seasoned cyclists, national team riders, and even a European track cycling champion.

During this time, a tragic event in my life and the disruptions caused by COVID-19 allowed me to reassess my place in cycling. Recognizing my strengths and weaknesses, I discovered a potential for excelling in long-distance triathlon—a sport that had always fascinated me but remained unexplored. Taking a chance in 2022, I began training and participated in my inaugural triathlon race in May 2022. Enamored by the experience, I intensified my dedication, culminating in a remarkable 2nd place overall finish in the last Ironman 70.3 in Europe, closing out 2022 on a high note.

In 2023, my first full season in triathlon comprised four long-distance races. After my initial three races, I earned the opportunity to compete as a professional triathlete. Without hesitation, I registered in the professional category for my final race in Bahrain in December 2023, securing a commendable 16th place among 30 professional athletes—a feat I proudly accomplished in my debut against top-level competitors. Although I acknowledge this achievement, I am conscious that I have yet to unlock my full potential and harbor even more ambitious goals for the years ahead. This is only the commencement of my enthralling journey in triathlon!


2024 [PRO]
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🥇 Triathlon de Genève Olympic distance

🥉 Challenge Gallipoli
2023 [AG]
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🥇 Challenge Vieux-Boucau

🥈 Ironman 70.3 Switzerland

🥉 Triathlon de Genève Olympic distance

2022 [AG]
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🥇 Ironman 70.3 Turkey

5th Triathlon de Genève Olympic distance
Cycling results
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10th Time Trial Swiss Championships Elite category 2021

🥇 Thonon OMS Time Trial 2019

🥇 Giron de la Cote 2020

🥈 Krauchtal Time Trial 2021

🥈 Prix Wanner Time Trial 2019

🥉 Tour des Stations short distance 2019

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